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Carey is a California native who obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine in 1996.


After graduating from UC Irvine, Carey spent two years in Washington, DC, where he worked at both a law firm and a lobbying firm. While he loved the East Coast, Carey returned to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Law School. During his time at Loyola, Carey worked as a Production Editor for the Entertainment Law Review and as a writer for the Loyola Lawyer magazine. 

After obtaining his law degree, Carey spent over eleven years in private practice representing banks and financial companies of all sizes.  During this time, Carey participated in hundreds of state court and bankruptcy cases involving contractual disputes and other common issues faced by businesses.  Carey saw the pitfalls facing the unwary business, as well as the creative solutions a business employs to grow and thrive. 

Carey's clients included small businesses, banks, and financial institutions. While litigation consumed the majority of his practice, Carey quickly learned that he enjoyed working with people to resolve problems far more than fighting with them. Working out the details of an agreement to which BOTH sides agreed is just as satisfying as going to court to “win” a case.


While maintaining the tools of a litigator, and the foresight of an advisor, Carey focuses on helping people achieve their own dreams and goals by servicing all of a business's legal needs.

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